Baby Boomers Find What They Want in Asheville

In 2013, the average age of citizen in Asheville was 38 years old. In the last four years, Asheville has seen significant population growth. While we attract all walks of life and ages, baby boomers have found their home here easier than any other age group. We have curated a top five list on why that is!


  1. Freedom to Work – Our typical vision of retirement is one in which we don’t work at all and we spend our days doing the things that we desire. Perhaps that is learning the woodworking or growing a garden, those things that we put off during our working years because it was so time consuming. However, baby boomer have been changing how we live retirement and one thing many baby boomers want is the freedom to work if they choose to. This does not translate into a 40-hour a week, 9 to 5 position either. Baby boomers want work that fills their souls and one in which they can control. Given Asheville’s love for local business, many baby boomers are able to work out of their home crafting an art or doing a side job of some kind that gives them a sense of purpose and allows them to meet new folks during retirement. Many are able to make extra funds to pay for extra curriculars and save their retirement funds for the bills to sustain their life.
  2. Diverse Dating Scene – If Asheville is known for anything, it’s the diverse and eclectic lifestyle we so readily accept here. This also extends into the dating scene and with divorce rates over 50% these days, this means plenty of dating opportunities for the single baby boomer. Not only are their dating opportunities, there are a plethora of exciting and interesting things to do with your date! So even if you are a partnered baby boomer, there is still some great things to do in the area for you and your loved one.
  3. We are Health Conscious – Many baby boomers are starting to feel the effects of aging and this is the perfect area to find what you need for taking care of your body. We have gyms in each sector of the city and the environment lends its own natural ways to work your body. Hiking, biking, and walking groups are plentiful here. Additionally, if you are looking for mindful grocery stores that carry healthier food options, we service your needs through Co-Ops and local grocers who go out of their way to bring the best in organic and lower processed foods. Lastly, Mission Hospitals offers some of the best medical care in the area. Many of our Western medicine doctors will also work in conjunction with holistic health options to give you the best in medical care.
  4. Volunteering Opportunities Everywhere – A large portion of baby boomers are looking to volunteer more and give back to community, something they largely could not do during their working years. Combined with the fact that they have seen more political strife and rebellion than any other generation, baby boomers are simply more likely to vocalize their concerns for community and join forces to make big change in the world. Asheville is a hotbed for causes of all kinds. Whether you are working to help the homeless, domestic violence and rape survivors, or advocate for political change, there is always someone here in need of a volunteer to care for the community.
  5. School Isn’t For the Young – While the baby boomer was working, and possibly raising a family, there just wasn’t much time to learn a new language or a skill that they would’ve liked. Asheville fulfills that need through several businesses and the local community college. Whether it’s learning a musical instrument, or writing your memoirs, it’s easy to fill your time with some classes to keep the mind learning.

Baby boomers are living longer than their parents did and have more energy to live the retirement they want. We simply cater to their needs and empower our baby boomers to live a life they want!