Finding Work In Asheville

Earlier in the year, it was reported that Asheville saw a drop in unemployment at an impressive rate of 3.2%. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, employers have been struggling to find employees to fill their needs. This was especially true for part-time positions! This means that now it’s a lot easier to get work than it has in previous years. Let’s take a deeper look at what it means to work in Asheville.


Home Of The Local Biz

Asheville locals love to support local businesses. Even with the rise of chain stores and restaurants, many prefer quaint shops, small service shop, and local artists to purchase their goods and services from. If you are someone looking to boost your own small business, Asheville is a great place to do that sort of thing. Creating pottery, painting masterpieces, beading fabulous jewelry, and metalsmithing or those things that really do well here. If you provide home care services such as personal assisting, pet sitting, and nannying you will also find a slew of work. Want to do office work from home? Join the local Chamber of Commerce to connect with other businesses and see who is the right fit for you.


Be The Professional

Professional positions in health care and office work are on the rise as the city grows. If you are a highly skilled nurse, doctor, administrative assistant, or accountant you will find lots of opportunities, both part-time and full-time depending on your needs. However, this is the one sector that is still highly competitive so bring you’re a-game!


Home Of The Tourists

We aren’t just talking about the minor league baseball team, The Asheville Tourists. Asheville has always been a tourist town and the boom in tourism in recent years means more jobs. Right now we are seeing an incredible high rate of hotels being built all over the city and many need workers to cover everything from housekeeping to front desk to valet services. Restaurants are also plentiful in our food haven and staff is often needed. If you can cook amazing food or wait tables with efficiency, you will have no trouble finding work. Have that entrepreneurial spirit? Food trucks are the “it” thing and the locals love supporting the food truck scene. For a small investment and unique food it can be an easier endeavor to give a little bit of local love. One thing is for sure, we love ethnic foods and if you can offer ethnic yummies you will become popular in a heartbeat.


Spend The Day Driving

While Asheville has plenty of cabs and mass transit options, many locals are finding driving services to be a great way to make cash on their time. Uber and Lyft are incredibly popular and many locals prefer to use those services over taxis due to the price differences. Locals that have chosen to drive with these companies prefer the flexibility it offers and the chance to meet new people. If you have bus driving skills, and a license, check into our mass transit. It is growing each year and there is discussion of adding more lines to the already incredible service they offer. Drivers are currently needed and will be needed in the future. If you have skills in maintenance and office work, positions occasionally pop up.


Educate Your Peers

If you have a skill that you can teach, consider starting your own courses in the area. If you have a degree to teach a specific area of knowledge, check in with University of North Carolina – Asheville (UNCA) or Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College (AB-Tech) to see if they need any positions filled. Several local elementary and secondary schools may be hiring within the city or the county of Buncombe.


Asheville is well-known for being a hotbed of tourism and hosts a unique flavor of artistry. Any service you can provide or any position you can fill will certainly improve the area and help us flourish.